Astrolabium with zodiac.

Astrolabe with sun hand, dragon hand, zodiac with star dial, and moon phase.

On the outside of the astrolabe the zodiac sign are displayed according to astrology and to the current standings of the stars, astronomy.

The ecliptic, the apparent course that the sun follows, is displayed by the dotted line in the zodiac. The zodiac is the broad band in which the 12 zodiac signs are. The Earth is 180 degrees in the opposite of the sun.

This way you can see in which quadrant or season the Earth is in its orbit around the sun.

Photo left below the position of the sun:
Astronomy; the sun is positioned on the ecliptic between zodiac signs Sagittarius en Capricorn.

Astrology; the sun is in the zodiac sign of Capricorn.

Photo right below; position of the Earth: 

Astronomy; the earth is seen from the sun between the zodiac signs Gemini and Cancer.

Astrology; the Earth is seen from the sun in the zodiac sign of Cancer.