The astrolabe is situated the circle with the 0 – 360 degree scale. The astrolabe is provided with a sundial with a 0-24 hours scale, moon hand with phase, dragon hand and zodiac signs with star dial. Engraved in the dial are the tropic of Cancer (+23,5 degrees), equator (0 degrees), the tropic of Capricorn (-23,5 degrees), 12 arches of unequal hours, 1 – 24 hours scale, the aforementioned 0 – 360 degrees azimuth scale and in red the horizon. All circles and lines on the dial are constructed through the stereographic projection of the latitudes and longitudes we know from a virtual world globe.

18 hours west – March equinox LP – 0 degrees

12 hours south – June equinox ZP – 90 degrees

6 hours east – September equinox HP – 180 degrees

24 hours north – December equinox – 270 degrees


Video: Astrolabe (6 days in 3 minutes)

The sun is positioned in zodiac sign “Taurus”. The moon passes the head of the dragon hand (ascending node) en becomes aligned opposite with the sun. The phase of the moon is by then “new moon”. The sun rises at 4:45and sets at 7:45 PM.